Ochre Print Studio can provide One-to-One or Bespoke Teaching Sessions in most methods of printmaking
Cost: £30/hour (plus £10/hour for each additional person attending the session) plus materials
Please note - minimum time required to cover basic screenprinting processes is four hours

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To enquire about or book any of our courses please click on the links below or email: book@ochreprintstudio.co.uk

June Courses and Workshops

  • Introduction to Printmaking: Monoprint - Beginners and Refreshers
  • Screenprinting on the Kitchen Table - Beginners and Refreshers
  • Introduction to our Non-Toxic Etching Facility - Only suitable for those with previous experience
  • Collagraph Masterclass - Only suitable for those with previous experience
  • A Beginner's Guide to Simple Sublimation Printing Using Heat Transferable Paint 
  • Introduction to Screenprinting - Suitable for beginners and refreshers alike
  • Make a Book - Taster Session - Suitable for everyone!
  • Intermediate Linocut Course - Only suitable for those with previous experience

So THIS is printmaking: Monoprint
with Morwenna Lake

This two day course, with artist/printmaker and sculptor Morwenna Lake, will introduce you to printmaking in a relaxed and informal way using simple but effective methods for transferring ink onto paper with an etching press. You will be delighted by the results that can be achieved using stencils and textures and simple mark-making techniques. You will learn about the difference between Intaglio and Relief printmaking, the use of inks, colour mixing, using rollers to ink up plates and how to prepare your paper before printing on it. Suitable for beginners and refreshers, with the opportunity of learning a new skill or rediscovering forgotten things.

Dates: Dates: Mondays 5/12 June, 10am to 3pm
Cost: £120/ Members £110
All basic materials are provided on the course with extra paper etc available to buy

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Screenprinting on the Kitchen Table
with Annee Robson

A two day course with the opportunity to explore the possibilities of screenprinting at home. You will be given information about suppliers of screenprinting equipment, taught the basic skills needed to print with water based inks and shown how to build a jig to hold your silkscreen. You will learn how to create borders and draw positive and negative images on your screen, the use of stencils and textures and be shown how to screenprint in the most ‘the painterly way’.

Dates: Wednesdays 7/14 June, 10am – 4pm
Cost: £130 / Members £120
All basic materials are included in the course price

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An Induction to our Non-Toxic Etching Facility
with Mai Osawa

An opportunity to learn the non-toxic processes we employ in the Etching Room using Ferric Chloride, BIG as our ground and a spray booth for applying aquatint. All materials provided with extra copper plates available to purchase in the studio.

Date: Friday 9 June
Time: 10am to 3pm
Cost: £55 / Members £50

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Collagraph Masterclass
with Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones is a fine art printmaker and painter living and working in London. She combines traditional forms of intaglio and relief print namely etching, collagraph and block-print to produce her distinctive images. Her prints demonstrate a range of techniques with translucent gradations of colour that convey atmosphere and light. Many of her prints glow with ochre and gold and have an almost translucent quality.

Katherine says: “I start off with a solid idea but struggle to keep that idea going. After a while, you have to trust the image and give up trying to hold on to it and let it go on its own. I normally draw a lot, draw onto the plates directly and each print goes through masses of stages. I work like a painter, in layers, and there may be 20 proofs before the image feels right.“

Her work is held in public collections worldwide including the V&A prints and drawings collection, The V&A National Art library, the House of Lords and Yale University Library, USA

Dates: Weekend 17/18 June, 10am to 4pm
Cost: £140 / Members £130All basic materials provided with extra paper and board available to buy if required

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A Beginner's Guide to Simple Sublimation Printing Using Heat Transferable Paint 
with Jule Mallett

This one day workshop will experiment with colour and mark making to create a range of different effects on synthetic fibres using dye sublimation printing. Techniques can be combined and layered to create unique designs and endless possibilities. This taster session is aimed at beginners

Date: Monday 19 June, 10am to 3pm
Cost: £55 / Members £50
All basic materials included in workshop price

Ready, Steady, Screenprint!
with Adam Green

This five week evening course will introduce you to all the processes of screenprinting; from drawing a design and exposing it on a silkscreen to printing it on paper.  Adam will show you how to make and use stencils to add layers of colour to your image. Once you have mastered the processes you will be encouraged to design your own project and complete an edition of six prints. This course is suitable for absolute beginners and those who would like to refresh their screenprinting skills. All basic materials are included in the course price.

Dates:19/26 June and 3/10/17 July
Times: 6pm to 9pm
Cost: £160 / Members £150

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Tuesday Taster Evening
with Angela Thames
What do you do with all your old prints? You MAKE A BOOK

Using your old prints Angela will show you how to make a unique and interesting book utilising your discarded, unsold or 'not gone to plan' prints.
Each page of your book and cover can be from a different print, or just make the cover and/ or use envelopes to house your small prints within the book . This method makes a lovely journal, notebook, record, storage or gift. Different grains and grades of paper can be accommodated including different sizes of paper and single page prints.

Angela will teach you the 'long stitched' method of bookbinding in an evening. She will supply all the tools and thread, you just need to supply the content. Her latest books recycle old envelopes and scrap paper for the pages and cereal cardboard packaging for the covers.She will have plenty of examples to give you ideas and inspiration.

Date: Tuesday 27 June
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Cost: £30 / Members £25

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Intermediate Linocut Course
with Richenda Court

This is an intermediate class for students who have some experience of linocut and/or have attended Richenda’s beginner’s linocut courses in the past.
The course will look at: Developing your style of work in linocut prints / Progressing your portfolio / Exploring a variety of techniques that may suit your work i.e. caustic etching using a variety of resists, multi-layering linocut prints and accurate registration / Preparation for approaching galleries and applying to art competitions / Please bring along your sketchbooks and linocut prints on the first day.

Dates: 30 June, 7/14/21 July, 10am to 1pm
Cost: £130 / Members £120
All basic materials provided with extra paper and lino available to buy if required

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July Courses and Workshops

  • Solaplate Etching - suitable for beginners and those with printmaking experience

Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates / Solaplate 
with Susie Turner

This two-day course will introduce participants to a new form of printmaking for artists that is simple, safe, time effective and versatile. Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates / Solarplate describes the process of printing with light-sensitive plates that have been exposed to sunlight or an artificial source of UV light and then developed in tap water. The surface of the plate offers fine detail and a wide tonal range using photographic imagery, hand-drawn originals and the direct use of found material. During the two-day workshop you will learn how to make Solarplates suitable for relief, blind emboss and intaglio printing. Plates will be exposed using sunlight or natural daylight, weather permitting, and using a UV exposure unit. Some preparation of artwork will be useful before the start of the workshop and further information will be supplied for this beforehand. This course is suitable for beginners and for those with experience of printmaking. Susie Turner studied fine art printmaking at Cambridge School of Art and Camberwell College of the Arts. She has worked as an artist-printmaker and educator for fourteen years and in the last nine years Susie has worked extensively with photopolymer plates.

Dates: Weekend 1/2 July, 10am to 4pm
Cost: £140 / Members £135
All basic materials are provided with extra plates and paper available to buy if required

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