The following equipment and materials are available for use and are included in session fees:


Screen Printing:

  • Large format. vacuumed scrcen-printing bed (Pottavac)
  • 3 Medium format vacuumed screen-printing beds (Kippax and Mylar)
  • 1 small screen-printing bed (not vacuumed) frame size 20"x24"
  • Large fomat exposure unit - vacuumed print-down frame
  • Various sized squeegees
  • Cleaning materials and equipment
  • Mixing sticks and spatulas


Intaglio and Relief Printing:

  • 1 x Etching Press 56 x 90 cm
  • 1 x Etching Press 84 x 120cm
  • Small book / relief press
  • Black etching ink and grounds
  • Cleaning materials. rags, oil etc
  • Spatulas and palette knives
  • Various sized rollers


"We have protective equipment: goggles, ear protectors. masks and gloves but recommend that you bring your own for personal use. A list of materials available to buy will be regularly updated and issued but is  limited and we recommend that you purchase your materials prior to attending open access sessions. Please contact us if you are unsure of what to bring for the process you wish to use - we will help and advise as much as possible.