Open access is available to all members who have printmaking experience. Beginners must attend an introductory course betore using the facilities on their own. Refresher courses and demonstrations are regularly available. A compulsory induction to the facility and our studio procedures, including Health & Safety, will take 30 minutes at the beginning of your first open access session.


Session Times

We offer our members the choice of three Open Access sessions each week:

Saturday Mornings 10 am - 2 pm
Tuesday Mornings 10 am - 2 pm
Tuesday Afternoons 2 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday Evenings 6pm - 9pm

Please book in advance to assure availability of the equipment you wish to use

(An additional session will be available, 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday evenings, from 3 January 2017)

Email or phone and text 07930 384753
Please leave a message outside of open access hours telling us which side of the studio you will be using, etching or screenprinting, and which etching press or screenprinting bed you wish to work on.  Please give notice if you need to cancel a booking.

  • You are expected to provide your own materials during OA sessions (please check they are compatible with the OPS cleaning systems)
  • A wide range of materials are available to buy in the studio at reasonable prices
  • While silkscreens are available to hire - storage space cannot be provided for your own screens unless a valid Frequent User card is in use. Screens are stored at the owner's risk and OPS will take no responsibility for any damage

Session Fees

From 3 January 2017:

£16 per four hour session (£28 for the whole day)
£12 per three hour session 


Frequent User Discount Card

From 3 January 2017

Cost: £144 - Ten sessions, for the price of nine (normal price £160 for ten)
This card is valid for use for one year from date of purchase

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